Wild Spirits Racing Stables

Silks Design

Sir Edwards SCCJ
Second Chance Stables CDR
Serenity Choppy
Shoreline Maddogs
London Racing.. Pink polka dots or green and yellow stripes?
Royalty Racing
Millionaire - Note that on one side of the body, symbols reverse. Its the way HRP did the silks though. They mirror image the left arm.
Moore Faster (Two styles to choose from. Whoo!) The 2nd one was to see how it looked with less red.
Red Barn - Cactus on red.
Power Racing
Jolly Racing - Florida Gator theme.
Goath Stables - Polka dots!
Kiwi - All Blacks Theme Huntley And Brinkley - Stylish Gold and Maroon
AW - Australian Union Jack (contest submission #3 Corrected Aussie flag star placement. With or without initials. )
AW - (Union Jack (contest submission #1) Too British.
AW - Sports Roo (contest submission #2) 2nd rear shot was to see if I could clean up the shoulder area.