Wild Spirits Racing Stables
Virtual Silks Design

The designs below are 'for sale' and are not attached to any stable yet.
(includes files for silks and hat for upload into HRP silks editor)
Silks can be recreated for Second Life avatars as Jacket/Shirt only

The simple ones below are $10 (letters, simple graphics)
  Diamonds - $10
Wolf's Moon - $15 Having bad luck? Its the black cat special in Holloween colors. $10
Egyptian - $15 Mardi Gras Special - $10
Pink Stars - $10 Irish gold - $10
American Eagle - $15 (eagle required a lot of cleanup) Dragon - $25
(due to the dragon design being custom artwork, not using royalty-free clipart. This dragon style will not be used again for any other silks due to this.)

Silks for other stables (both in progress and completed)
How to upload silks!
If you want virtual silks designed or want to just buy ones I come up with, contact me with HRP mail or at jazmyn@pacificpuma.com
I take PayPal through jazmyn@pacificpuma.com

Please note that these silks are for a horse racing SIM online (see banner below) and not real silks. If you want me to design silks for a REAL stable, I might be able to come up with a design, but cannot make real jockey silks.