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Habanero wins the Belmont stakes!

Breeding Barn Oct 2009 Time Warp (HRP-Marauding - HRP-Prides Promise) has her last foal and dies from old age. Her last colt by Party Talk was named Time Talk.

6/20/2008 Horses were sold off and owner took long vacation till Sept 2009.

11/09/06 At LRL, Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket) shows she likes this track and wins another 6F allowance race.

11/4/06 Dogma crushes the CD track record as he wins the BC Turf - Grade I by 13 lengths in a field of 14 of the best turf routers! This raises his lifetime winnings to $4,122.85.

10/28/06 Winged Beatle (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket), full brother to Fly Alone, wins an allowance at MNR, going 1:37 on turf for a mile.

10/14/06 At SUF, Double Jacks (Guided By Voices X Jackie - Jacks or Better) wins. Going 5F on Turf in 1:01

10/06/06 At LRL, Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket) takes a 6F allowance in the mud by 3 lengths..

9/16/06 Armada Rose (Pocket Galleon X Empire Rose) wins at RP by 15 lengths, breaking her maiden in 1:40.1 for 1 mile on dirt.

9/09/06 Dogma wins the Man o War - Grade I at BEL

9/04/06 At ELP, Gold Belly (Green and Gold X Yella Belly ) wins an open allowance race, going 1 1/16 miles on turf in 1:43.1

8/26/06 Country Music (Tennesse Jed X Saranac Sweetheart) breaks her maiden at RD in a 5F turf sprint.

8/12/06 Dogma takes the Man o War - Grade I at BEL by a head.

8/12/06 No Respect (Biff Four X Nutrific) wins the 6 1/2F Kutz Stakes at CBY.

7/20/06 Just Pick One takes a 1 mile allowance race at LS in 1:38.

7/1/06 Cape Of Good Dale (Dale X Cape Verde) breaks her maiden at RD by 2 lengths.

6/24/06 At CBY, Flood Season wins maiden race by 10 lengths. 5F in :59.3

6/17/06 Indy Lady wins a 1 mile allowance race at CNL, setting a track record of 1:39.4.

6/15/06 Just Pick One, after finishing 2nd twice, wins at LS.

6/10/06 Dogma, nicknamed 'the Force of Nature', wins the Manhattan Handicap - Grade I by 5 lengths and sets a new track record of 1:58.26

6/7/06 No Respect (Biff Four X Nutrific) wins another allowance, this time at BM.

6/2/06 Winged Beatle (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket), full brother to Fly Alone wins an allowance at PEN.

5/27/06 Southern Flare (Road Runner X Road Flare - Road Runner) proves that being inbred isn't a problem and wins at SUF

5/27/06 Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket) wins the Winning Colors at CD.

5/20/06 Just A Minute (Power Stud X Minute Maid - Mr Happy Hour) wins at SUF

5/18/06 Silver Ruby (Black Ruby X Silver Beatle - Lone Beatle) breaks her maiden by 6 lengths at LS.

5/16/06 Power Up (Power Stud X Sun Up) wins at SUF

5/13/06 Sucker Punch wins at SUF

5/10/06 Pink Pepper (Habanero X Tickle Me Pink) wins his maiden race at SUF

4/25/06 No Respect (Biff Four X Nutrific) wins at TUP.

4/23/06 Dogma wins by 8 lengths in the San Juan Capistrano Handicap - Grade II

4/18/06 Happy Maid (Mr Happy Hour X Maid For Speed) wins another one, this time at TUP

4/15/06 Sun Devil wins an allowance race at LS by 6 lengths.

4/15/06 Mithra (Bahram X High Standards) wins his first start at LS.

4/9/06 Cool Mist wins at HOU

4/1/06 Gold Belly (Green and Gold X Yella Belly) wins at the Scottsdale Handicap at TUP

3/26/06 Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket) wins at TAM.

3/26/06 Like A Rock wins at TAM

3/25/06 Rave wins at HOU

3/25/06 Burro Supreme wins at GG

3/4/06 Happy Maid (Mr Happy Hour X Maid For Speed) wins at HOU

3/2/06 Demon Moon wins at HOU

2/25/06 Who Needs Sleep wins at TAM

2/25/06 Dogma wins The GP BC Turf at GP, setting another track record of 2:20.3 for turf, this time at 1 7/16 miles

2/21/06 Gold Belly (Green and Gold X Yella Belly) wins at TUP

2/17/06 Indy Lady wins at TUP

2/9/06 Winged Beatle, full brother to Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket - Pocket Galleon) wins at TAM

2/6/06 Turtle Power (Call Me Turtle X Power of Sushi) wins at TUP

2/5/06 Kensei Sushi (Power Stud X Sushi Fighter) wins at MNR

2/4/06Queen of June wins at HOU

2/4/06 Ginger Dragon wins at HOU

2/3/06 Random Arrow wins at HOU

2/1/06 Grim Reaper wins at GP

1/31/06 MacArthur Park (Nicoll Park X My Binnie) wins at MNR

1/22/06 Dogma wins the San Marcos Stakes - Grade II in 1:58, crushing the track record for 1 1/4 mile on turf.

1/21/06 Alabaster Light wins at HOU in 1:19.2

1/14/06 Blarney Stone (Irish Dream X Minute Maid) wins at HOU in 1:06.4

1/12/06 My Robbin (Robbie X My Binnie) wins at HOU in 1:46.1

1/9/06 Drunken Butler (Three Fingers X Maid For Speed) wins at TAM in :58.3

1/6/06 Northern Light wins at MNR in 1:13.1

1/6/06 Polka Dodger (Roger Dodger X Mazurka) wins at MNR in 1:14.2

1/5/06 Sun Devil wins at HOU in 1:21.3

1/2/06 Da Bomb wins at TUP in 1:07.2.

12/26/05 Habanero wins the Malibu Stakes - Grade I at SA in 1:23.3 then says goodbye to the race track and retires to stand at stud.

12/26/05 Burro Supreme wins the The MD Juvenile Filly Championship at LRL in 1:38.2

12/24/05 El Express wins at MNR in 1:23.1

12/24/05 Who Do Voodoo wins at TUP in 1:38.3

12/21/05 Rubyrific wins at HOU in 1:40.1

12/17/05 Dogma wins the McKnight Handicap - Grade II in record time of 2:24.4.

12/10/05 Bad Ruler (Iron Ruler X Bad Moon) wins in 1:06.2

11/20/05 Burro Supreme takes the Moccasin Stakes at HOL in 1:23.3.

11/20/05 Bat Out of Hell wins at GG in 1:41.4

11/18/05 Pink Bear (Bearcub X Tickle Me Pink) wins at RP in 1:32.1 for 7 1/2F on grass.

11/17/05 Riviera Paradise (Mojo Stevie Ray X Kalifornia Role) wins at LRL in 1:06.3 for 5 1/2F.

11/16/05 At HOU, Blue Sushi (Bluesthestandard X Sushi Fighter) wins a 5F turf run in 1:00.

11/13/05 Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket - Pocket Galleon) takes the Piedmont Stakes at GG in 1:11.3. She is 3 for 4 now. A 2nd generation homebred.

11/9/05 Turtle Power (Call Me Turtle X Power of Sushi) wins his maiden at TUP in :59.3 on the grass.

10/29/05 Java Jive wins the Breeders Crown Distaff at BEL by 5 lengths.

10/29/05 Gold Belly, full sister to Green Gold and Yella (Green and Gold X Yella Belly) wins one at RP in 1:39 on the grass.

10/27/05 Fly Alone (Lone Beatle X Air Pocket - Pocket Galleon) wins a miler at GG in 1:41.2.

10/22/05 Indy Lady takes the Ahwatukee Express Stakes at TUP in 1:12.3

10/22/05 Too Sweet (TooBig X Golden Sweetheart) wins at RP in 1:38.4 on the grass.

10/18/05 Riviera Paradise (Mojo Stevie Ray X Kalifornia Role) wins at SUF.

10/14/05 At MNR, Big Cat (TooBig X Pacific Puma) wins at 1m70 in 1:50.4

10/12/05 Mercy Street wins at BM in 1:00.1.

10/11/05 Rosie The Riveter gets her 2nd lifetime win at TUP, running a mile in 1:43.2

10/9/05 Gamemaster wins at BM in 1:11.3

10/8/05 At KEE, in the Shadwell Turf Mile - Grade I, Dogma upsets Royal Randwick, winning on an off track in the 1 mile grass stake in 1:33.3

10/8/05 No Respect (Biff Four X Nutrific) wins a maiden at RP in 1:42.4

10/7/05 Fly Alone, a black filly sired by Lone Beatle and out of the Pocket Galleon mare, Air Pocket, wins at RP, 6 1/2 furlongs in 1:19.3.

10/6/05 At BM, Empire Of Stars (Eta Carinae X Empire Rose) wins on the grass in :58.4

10/4/05 Swift Sunrise wins a $1 claimer at SUF

10/4/05 Food For Thought gets a 2nd win out of 4 starts at MNR on the turf.

9/30/05 At MNR, New York bred Last Man Standing ( Monopoly Man X LastWomanStanding) breaks her maiden on turf in 1:01

9/30/05 Pink Power (Power Stud X Tickle Me Pink) wins at RP, breaking his maiden on turf in 1:37.2

9/27/05 Time Shark (Great White X Time Warp) breaks his maiden at SUF in 1:01

9/25/05 MNR's 2nd race won by Just a Minute (Power Stud X Minute Maid)

9/24/05 In SUF's 4th race, Finest Hour, a filly sired by Robbie, out of Intensity, wins in 1:01.3

9/24/05 Step On Bye (High Stepper X Bye Bye Pippa) wins at SUF in 1:01.1

9/20/05 Bad Ruler, sired by Iron Ruler and out of Bad Moon, charges up from behind to take the 1st race at SUF in 1:01.2

9/17/05 Bat Out of Hell wins the 5th race at SUF in 1:01.3

9/16/05 Dogma sets track record at AP for 1 1/16 on turf. Running in 1:40

9/15/05 At BM, Macarthur Park (Nicoll Park X My Binnie) wins in :59

9/12/05 Wish For Wings wins her 2nd race in a row, taking a 5F at RP in :59.3

9/9/05 Indy Lady makes a strong comeback at RP, winning at a mile in 1:40.2

9/8/05 On Call wins a 2 yr old maiden at AP in 1:38.4.

9/6/05 Da Bomb takes a Maiden at SUF. 1 mile in 1:43.2

9/3/05 Rosie The Riveter wins by 8 lengths at CBY.

8/26/05 Also at MNR, Cold Logic takes a grueling 1 3/8 mile grass race in 2:25.1

8/26/05 Food For Thought wins in his second lifetime start at MNR

8/26/05 Always Natural wins at RP, galloping 7 1/2F on the grass in 1:31.2

8/22/05 At RP, Wish For Wings wins in her second lifetime start.

8/22/05 Howl takes a maiden claimer at MNR in 1:15

8/20/05 Java Jive does it again. Winning the Alabama at SAR and going 1 1/4 miles in 2:04.3

8/5/05 Drunken Butler, a 2 yr old sired by Three Fingers and out of Maid For Speed, wins a maiden claimer at DMR in :59.1

7/23/05 Java Jive takes the CCA Oaks - Grade I at BEL in her 4th in a row Grade 1 victory. Rumors are she is heading for the Alabama - Grade 1 at SAR next.

7/23/05 Spirit Way breaks her 2 yr old maiden at ELP in 1:01.2

7/7/05 Road Runner takes an allowance race at CBY in 57.3 for 5F on the grass. This was his last race as he has gone into retirement and back to the breeding shed. His foals from his test crop are doing well and included Dead End Road, a Graded Stakes winner.

7/1/05 Breaking Wind wins by 7 lengths at LS

6/22/05 Burro Supreme wins pulling away at SUF, going 4 1/2F in 54.3

6/18/05 Manipulator takes a $5 claimer at PEN

6/15/05 A good win on the grass at PEN for Golden Sweetheart. Sired by Green and Gold, this filly has been ITM for 8 of 10 starts.

6/14/05 In her very first start, High Standards wins wire to wire at SUF

6/11/05 Habanero wins the Belmont! Breaks track record at 2:31.1 for 1 1/2 miles!

6/4/05 Three year old filly, Java Jive, wins the Acorn GI at BEL in 1:38.1 for the mile. Sources say she might be pointed at the Mother Goose next.

5/27/05 Macarthur Park (Nicoll Park X My Binnie) breaks maiden at LS in :53.3 for 4 1/2F

5/8/05 Minute Maid wins a turf allowance at CBY

5/7/05 Habanero finishes 4th in a field of 19 at CD in the Run For the Roses.

5/7/05 Wasabi Robbie, son of Robbie and out of Sushi Fighter, breaks his 2 Year old maiden at TUP in :55.3 over a 4 1/2F sprint. This makes the 4th winner sired by Sushi Fighter.

5/6/05 After breaking her habit of always finishing ITM in her last start at KEE, she heads back to KY. Java Jive wins the Kentucky Oaks in 1:51

5/2/05 At TUP, Austin Angel takes a 4 1/2F 2 year old sprint in :55.2

4/10/05 Silver Limo, back from the farm now, wins his first start since he was sent to the farm for a test breeding. 5F at BM in 59.1

4/09/05 The red hot colt does it again! Habanero wins the Wood Memorial at AQU! His next step is the Run for the Roses in May!

4/01/05 Nature View, sired by Power Windows and out of Pacific Puma, makes her debut at SA and leads wire to wire in a 2F baby sprint, setting a track record of :22.4

3/19/05 Habanero wins the San Felipe Stakes - Grade II, bringing him one step closer to the Run for the Roses. He is aiming at New York for his next start.

2/23/05 Midori scores a 5 length win at TUP in the mud in 1:44.4

2/18/05 Piggy Bank breaks her maiden at HOU in the mud. The Sleepy Hollow X When Pigs Fly filly went 5 1/2F in 1:11.1

2/14/05 Three year old filly, Straight On takes the 7th race at TUP in 1:14

2/14/05 Power Chek wins a 7 1/2F run at TUP in 1:33

2/14/05 Candy Heart wins the Autogen Invitational III, galloping a muddy mile in 1:53.2

2/13/05 At MNR, Rabid Rabbit wins at 6F in 1:14.4

2/13/05 Habanero wins his first graded stakes in the San Vicente Stakes (GII), running 7F in 1:22.2

2/13/05 Tragic Clown wins her maiden at HOU in 1:15.4

2/12/05 At HOU, Texas Toast runs 1:49 over 1 1/16m on an off track on the grass.

2/11/05 Golden Sweetheart wins another at MNR, this time 1 1/8 mile in 1:54.2

2/7/05 At MNR, Disbeliever runs wire to wire for a win in 1:09 for 5 1/2F on an off track.

2/4/05 Satin Doll holds off a challenge by Banana Like to win her maiden race at HOU. 1:30.1 for 7F

1/22/05 At TUP, Minute Maid, sired by Mr Happy Hour and out of Maid For Speed, gallops 6 1/2F in 1:21 for a win by 2 lengths.

1/21/05 Hard Luck wins one at GG. 1 mile in 1:41.3

1/19/05 Indy Lady scores another win at 6F in a scorching 1:12.01 at SA

1/17/05 Last year's 2 yr old winner of the Matron G1 and 2nd in the Breeder's Crown, Java Jive wins her first 3 yr old start in the Ynez Stakes Grade II. 7F in a blazing 1:24.4

1/16/05 The first win for a Legacy in Amber foal as Amber Moon takes a 1 mile grass run in 1:41 at MNR

1/15/05 Rabid Rabbit wakes up and wins one at MNR in 1:50 for 1m70.

1/10/05 In her second lifetime start, Golden Sweetheart wins at MNR, running 6F in 1:14.4

1/9/05 Ship of Dreams, after 11 lifetime starts, sets a track record at HOU. 1m70 in 1:46.3 and by 6 lengths.

1/8/05 Fancy Dancer forces his way to the front at HOU and holds off Power Nap for the win in a record breaking time of 1:39.1 on turf at 1 mile.

1/2/05 MNR sees Dream Boat win his 2nd lifetime start, galloping 5F in 1:02.3 on an off track.

1/1/05 Chickasaw Mountain wins the 5F Happy New Year at CRC, winning on the grass by a nose in :59.3

12/28/04 In the 3rd race at MNR, Uptown manages to break his maiden in his 13th start and after being gelded. The 2 year old son of Bey Town won the 5F $15 Maiden Claimer in 1:01.1.

12/27/04 Kalifornia Role breaks her maiden in her second start at MNR, romping 1 mile on the grass in 1:42

12/27/04 2 year old filly, Straight On, named for a Heart song, takes a 6F Allowance at GG in a time of 1:13.3

12/27/04 TUP sees another son of Power Stud win a 5 1/2F sprint in 1:07.2 with Hernandez at the helm. First out of the gate, Fish Stick never looked back and lead the field all the way to the finish.

12/21/04 At TUP, Kensei Sushi, sired by Power Stud out of Sushi Fighter, wins at 6 1/2F in a time of 1:21.3

12/20/04 Land of Confusion finds out he is supposed to be racing and wins a $20 maiden claimer at MNR, running the 6 furlongs in 1:15.2

12/20/04 One Thin Dime routes a field of maidens at MNR in 1:43 for 1 mile.

12/17/04 Indy Lady blazes down the stretch in a 6f run at GG in 1:12, showing great talent for only her second lifetime start.

12/17/04 Trophy Wife wins 1 mile $20 claimer at GG and finds a new home with Totalrage Stables.

12/12/04 Habanero shatters AQU track record for 1 1/16 in 1:44.1! Winning the Runyon in a hard fought battle, keeping his head in front of Cochise at the wire.

12/09/04 Mayham wins a hard fought battle at PEN, parked 6 wide in the final turn, he kicks into high gear in the stretch and comes home in style to win the 6F run in 1:13.76. That makes 3 wins in 5 starts for the chestnut colt.

12/5/04 Midori scores a 2nd win in 3 starts, pulling away by 9 lengths at RP and finishing in a nice 1:40.1.

11/26/04 My Binnie didn't find mud, which is normally to her liking, but she pushed to the front at the head of the stretch and won the Gaylord Memorial at RP anyways. 1:20.16 for 6 1/2F

11/21/04 Cheese Weasel wins the RP Oaks by 4 lengths on the grass. 1:40 for a mile on a slightly off (Gd) track.

11/21/04 California Nightmare scores a win at RP. $4 claimers are getting pretty tough there when a 6F race goes in 1:13.47, but he managed to somehow keep his nose out front at the wire after a hard stretch drive.

11/14/04 Habanero is HOT! The gutsy little chestnut colt wins the Huntington at AQU in 1:12.26, only .05 off the track record for 6F. This is his 3rd stakes win and 5th win out of 7 starts.

11/13/04 Midori, whose first start was in the Autogen Invitational, snuck up from 3rd on the outside to steal a 1:01.3 win in a 5F Maiden race at RP by a head.

11/10/04 Trophy Wife wins 5f Allowance at GG. Following Ikan to the 3F point, the bay 2 year old filly took the lead and pulled away to win by 2 lengths. Her time was 1:03.1 on a muddy track.

11/09/04 MNR 1m70 maiden, Melon Collie, wins by 11 lengths.

11/07/04 Chickasaw Mountain wins 5f Turf Allowance at RP by 9 lengths. Stopping the clock at :58.4. This stakes placed 2 yr old filly took a step back down in class to regroup after being runner up in a few minor stakes races. Against an easy field, she drew away without effort.

11/02/2004 Breaking Wind sets track record at AQU. 1 mile in 1:39.4. Taking a chance with the bay 2 yr old New York bred colt, he was entered in the Nashua - Grade III. He moved up from 5th to take the lead and never looked back.

10/30/2004 Java Jive scores 2nd in Breeders Crown Juvenile Fillies - Grade I. Each stride carrying her closer to the winner down the stretch, she challenged the winner Keuka Rainbow and came within a nostril of becoming Wild Spirit's Stable's first BC winner. WS stables is proud of this game filly and feels honored to have such a champion in their barn.


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